[News] Penjelasan dari GDA (Golden Disk Award) tentang Pemenang

1.音源奖-艺声没有正式单人出道所以音源赏除去/因为Sj有了唱片本赏所以艺声除去(那他怎么入围的= =)2.人气赏-和Asia人气赏不能重复授奖(主页写着除了ROCK赏和HIPHOP赏以外全部允许重复受赏)3.大赏-去年SJ已经得到,专辑销量没 拉开很大差距,评委给了少时更高的评价

逐条反驳金唱骗官方说明:1、艺声solo了ost“没有单独出道”,请问08年同样凭借ost获得人气奖的泰妍何时单独出道的?2、人气赏和 asia人气不重复,事先有公告?人气赏一向按投票顺序,为何少时在shinee前面?3、金建模三连曹成模二连大赏。sj销量领先4w8+,这是小差 距?

1) Digital Bonsang – Yesung was never debut as solo singer, so he was disqualified. at the same time, as Suju has already been given Album Bonsang award, so they will not award to Yesung. our question: if this is so, why in the first place, was Yesung nominated?????

2) YEPP popularity award & Asia Popularity award should not have repeated winner. (Terms in GDA main page ONLY stated that Rock & HIPHOP bonsang winners cannot be repeated).

3)Daesang award – as Suju already won Daesang last year, and album sales difference from no 2 (SNSD) is not huge, judges have decided to award SNSD higher votes to win Daesang

We are doing line by line rebuttal:
1) Yesung was not debut as solo singer rebuttal: since when did 2008 Popularity award TaeYeon ever been debut as a solo singer???

2) YEPP popularity award & Asia Popularity award cannot have repeat winner – rebuttal: such terms was never revealed in any of GDA’s official announcement or web? Popularity award has always been based solely on vote ranking, inthis case why is SNSD ranked ahead of SHINee?

3) No repeat winners for Daesang – rebuttal: there were 3 times Daesang winner & 2 time Daesang winners before! furthermore, Suju is ahead of SNSd by 48,000 album, this is consider a small gap????

As any self-respected human beings, i don’t think any of us can accept this bullshit excuses (they definitely smell worse than the cow dung i faced on the road side!).

source : saranghaeyosuju.wordpress.com

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